Contacting an EZkem service technician will save you time and money in the long run. We are easily accessible via phone, Skype, text or social media. We have many years of experience dealing with labs worldwide; we are certain we can help you too!

Scrap It or Save It? Restore Your Flow Analyzer to Factory Specifications

Flow Analyzer System Restoration and Innovation Have you ever found yourself staring at your flow analyzer wishing, that like a vintage automobile, it could be fully restored?  Though SFA/FIA technology has actually changed very little over the last few decades, it is usually more cost effective to restore your existing equipment than to spend more [...]


3 Reasons to Call a Service Technician First

Contacting a Service Technician First Can Save Money, Decrease Downtime and Increase Productivity. Recently a client contacted us about needing another cadmium coil for nitrate analysis on their autoanalyzer. After checking their order history, we were puzzled to find that their cadmium coil was only a few months old. Digging deeper, we found that, oddly, [...]


Troubles with Cyanide Analysis? Call Technical Support First!

A Case for Laboratory Operators Using a Technical Support Contact as the First Step in Troubleshooting Many, if not most autoanalyzer and many other flow based instrument issues can be averted by operators utilizing a technical support contact at the very first sign of trouble. This recent case study clearly demonstrates the importance of why [...]

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