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Systea Analyzer Series: EasyChem Plus

The Systea EasyChem Plus is a fully automated discrete analyzer ideal for running chemistries on sea water, wastewater, soils, plants, feeds, and fertilizers. Simple to use, the unit automatically performs up to 60 tests an hour, leaving staff available to do other tasks. Features Cooled Reagent Tray can hold up to 18 [...]

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Systea Analyzers Series: Easychem 200

With its ability to analyze many different chemistries with a minimum of hands-on time and operational consumable costs, the Systea EasyChem 200 can optimize any lab’s workflow. Operation easy to learn, training is fast and requires no prior experience. Convenient and Cost Saving Features Low reagent Consumption, only a few microliters [...]

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Systea Analyzers Series: Micromac Compact

Systea Micromac Compact is a flexible, portable, microprocessor-controlled analyzer designed for water analysis in the lab or field. Features include: Usable as a bench-top, online, or on-site analyzer. Ideal for wastewater treatment plants, mobile labs, and field work. Its portability makes it ideal for field analysis in case of environmental emergencies. Easy to install, [...]

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Systea Analyzers Series: Micromac C

Whether a wastewater processing facility or a production plant, industrial water monitoring calls for sturdy equipment with the ability to process analytes efficiently while keeping costs and man-power low. Micromac C boasts high levels of automation while standing up to the rigors of daily use thanks to its rugged construction. Features include: • Hydraulic and [...]

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Systea Analyzers: Cost Effective and Easy to Use

If you’re looking for an easy to use, cost effective addition to your lab, Systea autoanalyzers might just be a perfect fit! Systea is an Italian company established in 1988 with the goal of developing and manufacturing automatic wet chemistry analyzers for environmental and industrial markets. Over the years, they have [...]

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Part 4: Peristaltic Pump Troubleshooting

Peristaltic Pump Troubleshooting, Preventative Maintenance and Repair The peristaltic pump is a very important component to the proper operation of an autoanalyzer instrument.  If it is not functioning properly it is possible to have problems with reproducibility, accuracy, and prematurely worn pump tubing.  Signs of a peristaltic pump problem might be observed as poor peak [...]

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