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Autosampler Parts & Supplies

EZkem stocks autosampler parts and supplies for Cetac, Perkin Elmer, Lachat, Agilent, OI Analytical, Thermo and Astoria Pacific. Including PEEK, carbon fiber, Ultem, and stainless steel probes, wash reservoirs, drain kits, z-axis tubing, z-axis drive assemblies, sample trays, sample cups and sample vials.

Repairs and upgrades:
EZkem can repair or upgrade your older autosampler such as a Cetac 500 or 510 model to the current model CETAC ASX-520. The great thing about the 520 Autosampler is that it can be programmed for any platform such as OI Analytical, Lachat, Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Thermo or Astoria Pacific.

For more information visit our YouTube channel and check out our Autoanalyzer video series including:

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