Pump Repair

Pump Repair

Includes free diagnostic evaluation of the motor/ gear-box, circuit board, roller-heads, gears and bearings to determine problem.


Poor peak shape and overall performance of your peristaltic pump can signal that you are having pump issues. Depending upon the problem, solutions can range from simply needing to replace platens or platen holders to a motor rebuild. Our Pump Repair Service includes an initial diagnostic evaluation of the motor/ gear box, circuit board, pump roller-heads, gears and bearings.

The EZkem pump repair process:
1. Contact our office to get the process started. (541.387.0343)
2. Provide any pertinent information:

  • What platform the pump is running on (OI Analytical, Latchat, etc.)
  • How many channels the pump has
  • If there are any error codes being displayed (OL error)

3. Ship your pump to our offices. (Call for information before shipping: 541.387.0343)
4. We will perform a free diagnostic evaluation and provide an estimated quote and estimated turn around time for the repair.

(A low cost rental may be available while repairing your pump. Please inquire if needed.)