Our new blog series will be covering all aspects of peristaltic pump tubing and will be addressing questions and topics concerning peristaltic pump tubes and the Ismatec peristaltic pump. Below is a chart we refer to to understand the sizes and flow rates between pump tubes. This can be useful when developing new chemistries and changing the analytical range, for example, by changing the ratio between sample size and reagent flow rate. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about chemistries or about understanding or using this chart.

Pump Tubing Type, Internal Diameter and Flow Rate Table

Pump Tube Type Internal Diameter (inches) Flow at 40% (ml/min)
Orange/Blue 0.010 0.03
Orange/Green 0.015 0.10
Orange/Yellow 0.020 0.18
Orange/White 0.025 0.25
Black/Black 0.030 0.32
Orange/Orange 0.035 0.41
White/White 0.040 0.56
Red/Red 0.045 0.71
Gray/Gray 0.051 0.84
Yellow/Yellow 0.056 1.01
Yellow/Blue 0.060 1.12
Blue/Blue 0.065 1.35
Green/Green 0.073 1.57

Flow rates applicable to Cole Parmer Ismatec pumps only.