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Cadmium Coil – 12 inch


EZkem open tubular cadmium reactor (OTCR) Cadmium coil – 12 in. length.


EZkem’s cadmium coils can be used on Alpkem, OI Analytical, Technicon, or Latchat auto analyzers or discrete analyzers (such as the FSIII & FSIV), flow injection analyzers (FIA), and segmented flow analyzers (SFA).

Open tubular cadmium reactor (OTCR) sizes available are:

Cadmium Coil, 6 in. SKU: E060056
Cadmium Coil, 12 in. SKU: A000327
Cadmium Coil, 24 in. SKU: A000897

Cadmium Coil, 36 in. SKU: E060055
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