You can upgrade your Cetac Autosampler from a 500 or 510 model to the current ASX-520 model.

EZkem has the ability to take your old Cetac 500 or 510 autosampler model and upgrade it to the current 520 model. The older models required specific processors for each platform. The nice thing about the 520 autosampler is that it can be programmed for any platform such as OI Analytical, Lachat, Agilent, Perkin Elmer, etc. Instead of buying a new auto sampler for more than $10K why not spend around $2K to upgrade your old sampler to the current version? Send us your old Cetac 500 or 510 sampler and simply tell us what platform you want to run it on and we will send you back a current refurbished 520 model with a 2 year warranty. Call us for a quote: 541-387-0343.

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