Part 4: Peristaltic Pump Troubleshooting

Peristaltic Pump Troubleshooting, Preventative Maintenance and Repair The peristaltic pump is a very important component to the proper operation of an autoanalyzer instrument.  If it is not functioning properly it is possible to have problems with reproducibility, accuracy, and prematurely worn pump tubing.  Signs of a peristaltic pump problem might be observed as poor peak [...]


Part 3: Peristaltic Pump Tubing Materials

Various Pump Tubing Materials, Compatibility and Applications Peristaltic pumps rely on compressing and releasing a length of flexible tubing to mimic natural peristalsis seen in many biological systems, using positive displacement to move fluids in a steady and smooth pulsing manner. Instrument Systems will remain contamination-free using peristaltic pump tubes, since the only part of [...]


Part 2: Peristaltic Pump Tube Sizes by Color Code

Peristaltic Pump Tube Sizes by Color Code Determines ID and Ease of Application Uses: As mentioned in this series on Ismatec Peristaltic pumps and Peristaltic pump tubes in general, the advantage with this type of pumping configuration is that the pumps are able to handle heavier and more aggressive fluids. The peristaltic pump tubes have [...]


Part 1: Aspects of Peristaltic Pump Tubes and Pump Series

Part 1: Overview of the Peristaltic Pump In this series of articles we will discuss peristaltic pumps. The peristaltic pump is the most common delivery device for chemical solutions in most types of Autoanalyzers such as OI Analytical, Alpkem, Lachat, Seal, and Skalar. The most common and largest manufacturer of this type of pump is [...]


Changing the Size of Sampling Pump Tubes

As we mentioned in our last blog article, changing pump tube sizes for a method might be necessary when changing an analytical range or when developing new chemistries. The EPA has even weighed in on this matter with their "Flexibility to Modify CWA Methods" memorandum. They go on to outline specific modifications that no longer require case [...]

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