By now, most of us have heard that we shouldn’t put plastic in the microwave, though many still do it without a thought. A quick search on the internet for phthalates turns up key phrases like endocrine disrupters and insulin resistance, baby bottles, water bottles and so on that all seem to be leading us to the obvious need to replace this form of plastic.

With worldwide awareness of the dangers of phthalates and regulatory pressure in the food, medical and packaging industries increasing, using “phthalate free” tubing just makes sense. In keeping with a modern science perspective, after extensive testing and validating of the new formulation Saint Gobain has produced a line of peristaltic pump tubing free of DEHP, one of the most dangerous (and common) of the 25 types of phthalates. We would like to introduce you to their Tygon S3™ Tubing line. For more information on Saint Gobain’s new formula read the Tygon S3™ Product Guide or the Complete Chemical Resistance Chart.

We have been using the new formulation since early last year and are seeing absolutely no differences in the functionality and life of the pump tubing. We have extensively tested the 3 inch collar peristaltic pump tubes that are used on the Alpkem/OI Analytical FS3000 pumps as well as the 6 inch collar peristaltic pump tubes used on the Ismatec Peristaltic Pump and have seen no difference in the new formulation. We have successfully used them on all types of chemistries from strong acids and bases to all the other chemical solutions used in the many diverse applications of autoanalyzers.

If you would like to participate in this new formulation or have any concerns, please contact us with your particular chemistry specifics and let us send you a free set up for your current cartridge. See for yourself that this new peristaltic pump tubing is as good as or better than any tubing you have ever used!