Flanging Kit with Startup Accessories (220V)


Tube flanging kit with startup accessories. (Kit includes a flanging device.)


EZkem’s Easy Tube Flanging Kit with startup accessories (220V)
(Available in 110 Volts or 220 Volts.)

SKU: E100027 – 110V
SKU: E100028 – 220V

Flange your own tubing with EZkem’s flanging and startup accessory kit. The kit comes with a flanging device and set of tips and includes:

SKU: A001782 – Tubing, Teflon 0.034 ID,10 ft pack
SKU: A001482T – Flanged Nut, 1/16 Tefzel, 10 Pack
SKU: A001482 – Flanged Nut, 1/16, 10 Pack
SKU: E080013 – Tubing, Black Teflon, 5 ft
SKU: A022769 – O-ring, Used for Flanged Tubing Assemblies, 10 Pack

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