Getting the Correct OTCR Cadmium Coil for Your Flow Analyzer

In our cadmium coil blog series, we wanted to address the difference between our 12 inch and 24 inch OTCR (Open Tubular Cadmium Reaction) cadmium coils. The 12-inch coil was originally designed to be used on RFA instruments that used a slower pump speed and a reduced volume of solutions. The new style instruments are designed to be used with a 24-inch coil. By using a smaller coil on the more powerful modern instruments the surface area ratio of the coil to the solutions flowing through it is significantly reduced, thereby reducing the reduction efficiency. Mainly because this configuration overloads the available copper complex quicker than a larger coil. We recommend that the FS IV, FS III, FS 3000 and FS3100 systems only use 24 inch coils.

For more information on cadmium coils see our Cadmium Reduction Coil Activation, Storage & Tips Series on YouTube.