Old Surfactant Solution Causes Problems in Cadmium Reduction Coils

In our earlier blog posts we have discussed many reasons for possible loss of cadmium coil reduction efficiency. Along with metal contamination, nitrate contamination and gas contamination, we have also seen old surfactant solution cause problems in cadmium reduction coils. Because of the unstable nature of the surfactant molecule, as it deteriorates it can cause deposits on the surface of the cadmium. For instance, lipids are know for their “stickiness”, and as the surfactant deteriorates it can lead to a high concentration of lipid particles in the coil. If a coil is stored in a solution with surfactant than a build-up can occur. Even if old surfactant is used only during the analysis the build-up can also occur. Our suggestion is to be sure to keep track of the date when all surfactants were first used and try to turn them over as quickly as possible. Possibly even buy in smaller containers and use them up as quickly as possible. When attempting to isolate the surfactant as a possible problem, be sure to use new surfactant or at least from an unopened container.

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